Life Brewery project in the Life’s projects kick-off meeting in Brussels

On 17.10.17 the LIFE16 Kick-off meeting ENV a meeting was held at EASME (Brussels) with the participation of David San Martín from AZTI (Coordinator of Life Brewery project) and Alicia Estevez (project Manager from IRTA).

One of the main objectives of LIFE projects is to contribute to the existing policies and legislation. In that sense, the first sessions opened by DG Environment were devoted to knowing the EASME expectations from each project and to explain the main challenges concerning to the most relevant policies. These presentations were of utmost importance to focus LIFE projects to obtain relevant information for the development on new EU policies. In another, it was also assessed the challenges in terms of sustainability and replicability (market uptake) of the projects.

Finally, the kick-off meeting also aimed to give an overview of the LIFE programme rules, the interaction with EASME and the role of the external monitoring team in project implementation. Financial and technical issues, as well as project reporting, dissemination and communication matters were also discussed.