Expected results

The main expected results are:

  • An increase in the Environmental Efficiency and Competitiveness of brewing sector by improving the image of environmental protection and sustainable use of resources and by minimizing costs of waste management.
  • An increase in the EU aquaculture Sustainability by providing 2 sustainable raw materials from spent grain and yeast for aquaculture feed which decrease the dependence of fish meal production.
  • Contribution to the Society Awareness towards the environmental protection and efficient use of the resources.

The specific expected results are:

  • 1 semi-industrial drying plant (300 kg / h) combining mechanical and thermal technologies for drying brewer by-products to obtain a sustainable meal for aqua-feed.
  • 2 brewer by-products (spent grain and yeast) Valorisation scheme scaled-up and validated by stakeholders and in a demonstration trial for the production of 2 raw materials for aqua-feed.
  • 3 sustainable aqua-feed diets containing 2 new raw materials from brewer by-products (spent grain and yeast meals) successfully tested in 3 different species by fish growth trials.
  • Recovery of 75 % of brewer spent grain and yeast produced in the case study region (Spain) during the demonstration trial: 1,000 kg of each BSG and BY meals and 2,000 kg of experimental aqua-feeds (for 3 species).
  • An Integrated Basic Eco-Design of a model Recovery plant, based on eco-design concept and replicable to any region of Europe, which allows the transfer of the Valorisation scheme implemented in the case study (Spain) to other European regions.
  • An Exploitation plan of the Valorisation scheme that recycles at least 95 % of the brewer by-products in the case study region (Spain) in two year after the end of the project.
  • Replication and Transference of the Valorisation scheme to 2 EU regions for recovering at least 85 % of their brewer by-products in three years after the end of the project.
  • Sustainability of the aquaculture in the future by reducing 25 % of the environmental impact associated with aqua-feed production of the 3 targeted species by replacing, in two year after the end of the project, at least 15 % of the fish meal used currently with a new raw material from brewer by-products.
  • Awareness of the society toward sustainability. More than 5,000 persons are expected to interact with the project.
  • Up to 50 direct employments in the by-product valorisation sector in three years after the end of the project.