Life Brewery internal kick-off meeting in Brussels

On 16th October 2017 LIFE Brewery (‘New strategies for improving the sustainability of breweries: full waste recovery for project’s consortium celebrated the internal kick-off meeting in the headquarters of the Brewers of Europe in Brussels (Belgium).

The main objective Life Brewery project is to demonstrate the feasibility of an innovative, sustainable and integrated valorisation scheme to recover the brewer by-products as new ingredients for aquafeed.

This LIFE project aims to increase the environmental efficiency and competitiveness of brewing sector, to increase the EU aquaculture sustainability with new aqua-feed diets and finally, to increase the social awareness towards the environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources. The Life Environment and Resource Efficiency programme is an European Union financial instrument to support environmental and nature conservation projects and promotes sustainable development.

The consortium of this project is formed by AZTI as coordinator, IRTA (Investigación y tecnología agroalimentarias), Riera Nadeu, LKS and The Brewers of Europe.

The project began last 1st of September and it will finish at the end 2020.