Life Brewery second NEEMO monitoring visit

Last Thursday, the second monitoring meeting of the LIFE-BREWERY project was held in AZTI-Derio. The meeting was attended by all the project members (IRTA, Riera Nadeu, Brewers of Europe, LKS and AZTI) and all the progresses of the project were presented to the  monitoring body of the LIFE program (NEEMO).

Currently, the digestibility tests of experimental feeds with fish (in IRTA) of the prototypes of developed ingredients (AZTI and Riera Nadeu) and the first integral P&ID process diagrams (LKS) are being carried out. Meanwhile, The Brewers of Europe is also diffunding  the project within brewing sector.  Up to date, the pilot production of the ingredients has allowed processing more than 30 tons of by-products, which will be used from September onwards for the fish growth tests. All these advances will also be communicated in the Spanish National Aquaculture Congress in May and, in the next brewers’ European sector event in June.

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