From ‘spent’ to ‘saved’ grains: reusing by-products in the brewing industry

This week the independent media network EURACTIV, has published a news that echoes the initiative of the LIFE BREWERY project.

Within the context of the European Green Deal, the beer sector has been brewing up a plan to improve the sustainability of its activity. With special attention to the implementation of innovative solutions aimed to reducing waste and improving environmental impact of its processes.

Therefore, when talking about one of the by-products that are generated in the production of beer, Spent grain, highlights the opportunity to give a second life to this by-product for the production of new products for human consumption, and in addition, as ingredients for animal feed, within a circular economy context.

In this context, the valuable research that is being carried out within the LIFE BREWERY project is cited to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed solution for the reuse of brewery by-products in new ingredients for aquaculture.

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