First stakeholders’ meeting was held in Brussels last Wednesday

Last Wednesday, March 14, the first stakeholders’ meeting was held at the headquarters of The Brewers of Europe in Brussels. In addition to projects’ partners, a wide representation of each sector attended the meeting. Among the agents represented were the brewers themselves, some national associations, by-product valorizators and aquaculture companies. All of them showed a very proactive attitude in this first roundtable providing very inspiring ideas for the good progress of the project.

AZTI is the coordinator of the LIFE Brewery project, whose main objective is the development and validation of new ingredients for aquaculture feeds from the by-products generated during the brewing process. In addition to AZTI, the other consortium members are IRTA, Riera Nadeu, LKS and The Brewers of Europe as representative entity of the most important brewery companies in Europe. This project started in September 2017 and and will be completed by the end 2020.

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