4th follow-up meeting of LIFE BREWERY partners with NEEMO

The 4th and last annual follow-up meeting between LIFE BREWERY partners and NEEMO will be held the 8th of June. This time, because of COVID-19, the meeting will be ‘online’. The main objective of this project, funded by European Life 2016 call, is the development and validation of an industrial process for obtaining new ingredients for aquafeeds from brewers’ by-products (spent grain and yeast). In this meeting, the project’s partners will review the up-to-date progresses and the latest milestones to be achieved until the end of the project in 2021.

AZTI, as a technology centre is the coordinator of the project and, also is involved in developing technical tasks related to the ingredients production. The other consortium members are RIERA NADEU, which is a company specialized in the by-products stabilization; IRTA, a technological centre in charge of validating the ingredients with sea bream, sole and trout and LKS KREAN Ingeniería y Arquitectura, which will be in charge of designing and implementing of the final proposed solution. Finally, THE BREWERS of EUROPE, as the main representative of the main beer producers in Europe, will carry out the transfer and replicability actions at the European level.

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