Fourth monitoring meeting with NEEMO

The fourth monitoring and first on-line monitoring meeting of the LIFE BREWERY project was held yesterday. This meeting was attended by all the project members (IRTA, Riera Nadeu, The Brewers of Europe, LKS and AZTI), where all progresses achieved during this last year were presented to the monitoring team -NEEMO-.
Up to date, the pilot production of the ingredients has allowed processing more than 30 tons of by-products. After completing the fish growth tests, from December onwards the main technical tasks are focused on sensory analysis of fishes fed with the new developed aquafeed are being carried out in AZTI-Derio and also in the development of the eco-design valorization plant for new aquafeed production (KREAN LKS). Meanwhile, The Brewers of Europe is disseminating the project within brewing sector and also, identifying the potential areas for replicating/transferring the final results of the project. Some technical and dissemination actions have been delayed to 2021 due to the COVID-19.

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