New Strategies for Improving the Sustainability of Breweries: Full Waste Recovery for Aquaculture Feed

The objective of the LIFE-Brewery project is to demonstrate an innovative and highly-replicable integrated solution to recover brewery by-products for aquaculture-feed ingredients. As demand of such ingredients is continuously growing, in this project a low-carbon dehydration process will be optimized and scale-up through an innovative combination of mechanical and thermal technologies. Moreover, aquafeed formulas will also be optimized to maximize the inclusion levels  in the diet of farmed fish.

By adding value to food waste, Life BREWERY project is targeting one of the priority areas of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan. The goals of the project are also in line with the waste hierarchy established in the Waste Framework Directive and with the EU’s new Common Fisheries Policy as it contributes to reduce the operating costs of fish farmers. Finally, the use of the new fish meal prototypes will reduce the need to catch wild fish.

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