Sensory analyses of new aquafeeds in sole and seabream

During this week, the first sensory analyses with sea bream and sole grown with the new developed aquafeeds are being performed at AZTI facilities in Derio. The main objective of these analyses is to find out if the new aquafeeds can modify the organoleptic characteristics (colour, odour, taste, freshness) of fresh and cooked samples of gilthead, sole and trout. The sensory analyses have been carried out by a panel of experts previously trained to be able to discern the potential changes that may occur in these attributes comparing to fishes fed with commercial feeds (control samples). The first results have been very positive, as non-statistically specific differences with the control samples have been observed. Moreover, in some cases, even an improvement of the assessment of some of these attributes has been corroborated. These sensory analyses are utmost of importance for the final validation of the new developed aquafeeds.

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