Sited in Granollers – Barcelona, Riera Nadeu is 65 years old company specialized in tailor made and standard equipment for process industry (chemical, foodstuffs, fine-chemical, biotech, mining, waste effluents, …) Specialized in Centrifugal separation (Filtration and Sedimentation) (Batch and Continuous), continuous drying ( Flash and spray  systems) and Dry Jet milling systems.

The close cooperation with our customers and innovation Centers is invaluable and has enabled us to design and manufacture equipment and installations fulfilling the most varied exigencies.

The continuous technological evolution being experienced in the process industry is compiled and invested in the tailor- made projects developed for our customers. We dispose of the necessary productive and technical means to adapt every equipment to each specific demand. Additionally, we have proven our capacity and flexibility adapting changes and constant development – always insuring benefits to our customers. Our experience and technical knowledge guarantee efficient and reliable service in all aspects. Our Engineering and R+D+i services – thanks to mentioned disposal of qualified productive and technical means – support customers developing process solutions until the implementation of the projects. We commit with quality assurance regulations ISO:9001/2000 and EC safety requirements (UL in USA), as well as latest regulations such as ATEX (NEMA in USA), following guidelines issued by certifying institutions like EHEDG, etc. and our capability to provide all necessary documentation and implementation of IQ, OQ, PQ.

Our modern site is equipped with state of the art production means, test-center, laboratory and extremely competent engineering and after-sales departments. All this ensures the best service, including R+D+i for effective and efficient technological development.