Hito Acción asociada Fecha Ejecutado
M.E1.1_Kick-off meeting E1 30/09/2017
M.D1.1.1 Project website launching D1 31/12/2017
M.D1.1.2 Placing Notice Boards and Roll-ups D1 31/12/2017
M.A1.1_Meeting for the formation of the HUB A1 14/03/2018  
M.E1.2_Annual meeting 1 E1 24/05/2018  
M.B1.1.1_Two meal prototypes produced and characterized. B1 31/05/2018
M.C1.1_Monitoring Report at the time of Progress Report C1 31/05/2018
M.B1.2.1_Defined formulation of the three experimental fish practical diets B1 31/08/2018
M.B2.1.1_Defining of the main important aspects of the Valorisation scheme B2 30/09/2018  
M.B2.2.1_Stakeholders meeting B2 30/11/2018
M.E1.3_Annual meeting 2 E1 07/03/2019
M.B3.1.1_First production of aquaculture feeds at semi-industrial scale B3 31/05/2019
M.B3.1.3_Evaluation of the quality of the fish fed with the formulated dietary treatments B3 28/02/2020
M.B3.2.1_Identification of the improvement actions B3 28/02/2020
M.B3.1.2_End of the feeding trial with the formulated dietary treatments B3 31/03/2021
M.C1.3_Monitoring Report at the time of Progress Report 2 C1 29/02/2020
M.B4.3.2_ Location for the Integrated Basic Eco-Design of a model Recovery plant identified B4 31/12/2020
M.B5.1.1_Selection of 2 European breweries regional clusters B5 28/02/2021
M.B4.3.1_Goal and scope of model scenario identification B4 31/12/2020
M.B4.1.2_Cost and incomes quantification B4 31/12/2020
M.B4.1.1_Industrial dimensioning for all necessary elements B4 31/12/2020
M.B4.2.1_Enviromental inputs and outputs identification B4 31/12/2020
M.B4.2.2_Social benefits identification B4 31/12/2020
M.B5.2.1_Identification of key actors/partners, key resources, key activities, etc. for the new activity. B5 30/04/2021
M.E1.4_Final meeting E1 30/04/2021
M.C2.1_Edition of socio-economic impact monitoring report C2 31/05/2021
M.B5.4.2_Meetings with Investors Forum B5 31/05/2021
M.B5.4.1_Meeting with Stakeholders B5 31/05/2021
M.D1.1.3 Layman´s report on the web D1 30/06/2021
M.D1.2.1 Networking with other projects D1 30/06/2021
M.D1.3.1 Conference attendance (4) (annual) D1 30/06/2021
M.E1.5_Final report submitted with audit succeeded E1 30/09/2021

M.C1.4_Monitoring Report at the time of Final Report

C1 30/08/2021