LKS group is one of the main references in the sector of professional services in our country. It has about 780 people employed and generates an annual turnover of approximately EUR 56 million. It is integrated in MONDRAGÓN, the first Basque business group and the seventh of Spain. LKS group consists of several cooperative societies and more than one dozen participated companies with different legal forms, keeping a history of permanent expansion and sustained growth and a philosophy based on human and social values.

Apart from its natural unfolding in the Basque country, development carried out over the last few years has been the consolidation of its presence in Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia, and Spain as a whole. In addition, the activity of LKS in the international market has allowed its establishment in France, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru and India. Main business areas for the company are: Industry and Energy, Civil works and Architecture.